• Planting Amaryllis & Paperwhite Bulbs

      Plant your bulbs according to when you want them to bloom: Planting Amaryllis: Planting Paperwhites:

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    • Container Gardening: This Fall, Think Spring

      When most people think of bulbs, they think of planting them directly in your garden, but there are different options. Planting bulbs in containers offers a solution to gardeners who lack the space to create a full garden. Spring blooming[...]

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    • Fall Mulching: What You Need to Know

      As trees, shrubs, plants, and bulbs move towards dormancy, fall mulching will benefit your plants during the colder months. Mulching prevents erosion, prevents moisture loss, helps maintain a constant temperature, suppresses weed growth, [...]

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    • Fall Bulbs 101

      August 25, 2017
      Fall Bulbs 101

      What You Need to Know to Be Ready for This Fall Season Fall-planting bulbs are some of the easiest flowers to grow. With planning, and some patience, a novicegardener can create a spectacular spring display. As winter nears its end, [...]

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    • Our approach

      St. Matthews Feed & Seed prides itself on customer satisfaction. Whether you need a pound of grass seed or suggestions on creating the perfect hedge, our staff is committed to helping you select the ideal products for your specific landscaping needs. As a complete garden center we carry everything from tools and pots to seeds, fertilizers, plants, trees, and garden décor. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will answer your questions, or search for the answers. Come in and talk to us, ask your questions, explore our store. We are sure you will be satisfied with your experience.