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    The large bright blooms and impressive stature of the amaryllis makes it the perfect indoor flowering plant for the darkest, coldest months of the year. A large healthy amaryllis bulb should produce from two to four stems, and each stem will produce up to four flowers that measure as much as 8” in diameter.

    Whether potting to give as a gift, or planting for your family’s enjoyment, amaryllis bulbs are simple to grow and offer a great pay-off with their showy blooms. At St. Matthews Feed & Seed we carry 35 varieties of amaryllis bulbs, and are potting more than one hundred and fifty bulbs that will bloom during the Christmas season. Whether you are looking to pot your own, purchase a pre-planted amaryllis, or want to purchase a kit to give as a gift, you will find it all here at St. Matthews Feed & Seed.

    potted amaryllis

    Below are some guidelines to keep in mind if you opt to plant your own amaryllis bulbs.


    Flowers will bloom 4-6 weeks after potting. Accordingly, if you want your amaryllis bulbs to bloom around Christmas, you should plant by mid-November. Since forcing bulbs is not an exact science, be patient.

    The Pot:

    Amaryllis bulbs should be planted in a container that is 1”-2” wider than the bulb. You can use plastic or clay, but it’s best to have drainage holes in the bottom of the container.

    The soil:

    Put a small amount of potting soil at the bottom of the container.









    Center the bulb (pointed end up) in the soil, and add additional soil around the bulb firming around roots and bulb.

    settling amaryllis









    The upper third of the bulb should remain above the soil. There should also be approximately one inch between the soil surface and the top of the pot’s rim.

    potted amaryllis2



    After planting, water well with warm water, and place in a cool (60°F) location. Continue to water with room temperature to warm water sparingly until growth begins. When growth begins, water as needed (with room temperature or warm water) and keep in a warm, bright area.


    Use a water soluble fertilizer every 2 to 4 weeks during blooming.

    *Amaryllis plants bloom for 4 to 6 weeks with blossoms lasting for approximately 2 weeks, and can be forced to bloom over and over again after being allowed at least a 10 week dormancy period.

    Enjoy sharing the magnificence and magic of the formidable amaryllis flower this holiday season, and visit St. Matthews Feed & Seed to choose from a large selection of quality amaryllis bulbs!

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