• Peppers

  • California Wonder Peppers

    75 days; smooth and glossy, dark green to brilliant red fruits. Large, blocky peppers measuring 5” long by 4” in diameter. Popular as stuffing bells. Meat is thick and well flavored. Tolerant to Tobacco Mosaic virus

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    Jalapeno Peppers

    80 days; A hot, dark green, thick-walled pepper that grows 3-4" long by 1.5" wide, with rounded tips. The most popular of jalapeno varieties commonly found in grocery stores and markets. Dark green peppers turn red; under some conditions, [...]

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    Sweet Banana Peppers

    70 days; produces high yields of 6” long x 2” wide banana shaped, sweet, crunchy peppers. Peppers turn from light green to yellow, orange, to red when mature. Thick flesh gets sweeter as they ripen. A great pepper for shorter season [...]

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