• Carrots

  • Danvers Carrots

    75 days; 9” long deep orange roots. Crisp, very sweet and tender. Heavy shouldered. Longer than Chantenay. Good for storing and shipping.

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    Little Fingers Carrots

    65 days; A gourmet treat when cooked and served whole. Tiny 3-5” roots withstand close planting and produce abundant crops. Golden orange color. Smooth with very small core. Tender and sweet. Outstanding when creamed. Excellent for [...]

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    Nantes Carrots

    75 days; Produces a fine-grain, nearly coreless 6” long carrot fairly early. Strong tops, blunt tip smooth orange roots 1.25” diameter, and sweet flavor. Roots have no green markings inside and hold well in the garden. Good in heavier [...]

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