• St. Matthews Feed & Seed Christmas Trees

  • Here at St. Matthews Feed & Seed we sell Premium Grade A Fraser Fir trees for the Christmas season. Ranging in size from 3 ft.- 14 ft., our trees are appropriate for every home.

  • Why Fraser Fir?

    The Fraser Fir as a Christmas tree has been voted as the #1 Christmas tree choice by Louisville consumers, and for good reason. Fraser Firs have excellent needle retention, strong upturned well-spaced branches that are perfect for holding ornaments, they ship well, they have ½-1” dark green needles, and carry a pleasant evergreen scent sure to invoke Christmas memories for years to come.

    Why Our Trees Are The Best

    At St. Matthews Feed & Seed we provide our customers with the highest grade Fraser Fir Christmas trees available in the Louisville area. We also put in the extra effort to keep your tree fresh as long as possible. Maintaining optimal hydration is key to keeping your Christmas tree looking its best. Each tree is kept in a trough of water until you pick it out and bring it home or we deliver it to you. Before you take your tree home, we trim off  ¼” from the trunk to assure that your tree is readily absorbing water; we also carry products to make watering your  Christmas tree an easy task.

    How We Help Simplify Purchasing a Live Tree

    Did you know we offer Christmas tree delivery, set up, and removal after the holidays to the Louisville area? If you find pleasure in bringing your tree home yourself, that is an option too, and we will help you load and attach it to your vehicle.

    What You Need To Know About Delivery and Removal

    If you opt to have us deliver the tree to you, we will ask that you drop off your tree stand or purchase one from our store, and we will attach it to your tree, assuring that it is well positioned, before delivery. You will be able to schedule Christmas tree delivery (and tree removal) with one of our employees, and you can rest assured that our seasoned experts will make your fresh Christmas tree experience worry-free and accommodating.


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