• red budFlowers have bloomed and are withering, leaves are beginning to turn various warm shades, the weather is becoming cooler, and the hours of daylight are dwindling. As plants and trees succumb to this time of year, they draw their energy inward, specifically to their roots.

    While fall may be the end of the blooming season, there is still activity occurring under to soil. Lawns, trees, and shrubs benefit greatly from fall fertilization. Fertilizing your lawn, trees, and shrubs now will encourage root growth through the cooler months, and will help to prepare them for next year’s blooming season.

    Lawns prefer a high nitrogen fertilizer like 25-0-5. We recommend a slow release fertilizerTrees and shrubs benefit from a fertilizer with higher phosphorous and potassium, like 10-10-10 or 6-12-12. 

    The more root growth, the more nourishment available, the stronger and more vigorous your trees and shrubs will be.
    So, when you come in to purchase fertilizer for your lawn, don’t forget to pick up a fertilizer for your trees and shrubs too. As your trees, shrubs, and lawns awaken from the winter, they will thank you for encouraging their root growth this fall by displaying healthier leaf growth, blossoms, and all around growth.