• Container Gardening: This Fall, Think Spring

  • When most people think of bulbs, they think of planting them directly in your garden, but there are different options. Planting bulbs in containers offers a solution to¬†gardeners¬†who lack the space to create a full garden. Spring blooming bulbs can be grown in decorative pots to add accents to patios, decks and entryways. Bulbs planted in beds outside require little maintenance, however, with a few guidelines and commitment, container bulbs can prove to be equally as easy.

    Layering bulbs in a container (Lasagna Planting) will give you continuous color throughout the spring. The video below gives more details.

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    I would like to get a raised planter for my mother who is having knee surgery this spring but still wants to plant some herbs and plants. Do you have these? I am thinking around 30" across and 4' length.