• Common Ailments and Treatments

    Symptom: Black edges to leaves
    Diagnosis: Too much water in root system/soil
    Treatment: Ensure water does not stand in saucer/pot. Water should always be able to drain through soil without accumulating. Ensure drainage holes are not blocked by roots. Add rocks, broken clay pot shards, styrofoam peanuts, or “Better Than Rocks” below soil in undrained pots to leave room for water to collect away from the roots. If soil is properly draining, allow soil to dry more thoroughly between waterings and/or move plant to a warmer or more aerated area. Always empty saucer after watering.

    Symptom: Yellow leaves that dry and fall off
    Diagnosis: Not enough water in root system/soil
    Treatment: Check root system to see if the plant is “rootbound” and needs a larger pot/more soil. Water more frequently, allowing only the top of the soild to dry between waterings. Move the plant to a slightly cooler or less aerated area. If a plant has recently been repotted, water the plant near its mains stem so the original soil mass is watered more than the new loose soil.

    Symptom: Yellow or off-color leaves, especially on new growth
    Diagnosis: Not enough fertlizer
    Treatment: Add A slow-release fertilizer every 4-5 months or water with a water-soluble fertilizer every 2-3 weeks.