Summer just began and it already feels like the middle of August! With all the heat and humidity, it’s a natural reaction to give your plants more water. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. If your plants are wilting in the middle of the day many times it’s their way of staying cool, not time for more water. But if your plants are wilting in the morning, it’s time to water.

    With all the watering (from us or Mother Nature) we’re depleting the nutrition in the soil, so it is necessary to continue to fertilize. Try not to add fertilizer to a completely dry plant. Water a bit first and then add the fertilizer. A slow release fertilizer is always best so you don’t ‘burn’ the plant. We like the Espoma granular fertilizers – just work into the top of the soil and water (there’s a liquid version of a slow release too). Another good liquid fertilizer is Monty’s – the yellow label is good for this time of the year.

    What’s up with your tomatoes? If you’re seeing some brown blotches or yellowing leaves, it’s probably a leaf fungus. Remove the leaves (yep, there may be lots) and apply a fungicide. (Apply the fungicide in the morning or late evening when it’s cooler outside) You can help the fungus from spreading by watering only at the base of the plant when needed (see the first paragraph!) Tomato Tone is a great slow release fertilizer with calcium for all your vegetable plants.

    Our second crop of tomato plants will be in around July 15. There is still lots of time to plant all the squashes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, okra and even corn for an early fall harvest. Fresh from the garden veggies are the best!!