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    Drive those winter blues away by bringing more green into your life! Herbs not only offer a verdant splash of color in the winter months, they also enhance the flavor of your favorite comfort foods. At St. Matthews Feed & Seed we have a large selection of herb seeds that have just arrived from Botanical Interests and Seed Savers Exchange.

    When planting your indoor herb garden there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

    Location and Light:

    Choose a spot that receives at least 6 hours of sun a day and keep your herbs in a temperature between 65°-75°F. A south- or west-facing window is good, or you may opt for artificial lighting. Ideally, if you are using artificial lighting, you will use both warm-white and cool-white 125-watt fluorescent bulbs hung 2-6 inches above the tops of the plants. Remember, if you are using artificial lighting the plants will need between 14-16 hours of light a day.


    It is up to you whether you plant your herbs in one large pot, or choose individual pots. However, if you choose to plant your herbs in one pot make sure watering needs of your herb plants are similar, and choose pots that have drainage holes and saucers to catch excess water.


    Following the seed packet directions, sow the seeds into pre-moistened soil and cover the container with clear plastic wrap to retain moisture while germination is taking place. Check daily to make sure the soil is still moist and watch for signs of growth. Once the seeds have germinated you can remove plastic.

    Watering and Fertilizing:

    As the seedlings continue to grow, maintain a moist soil medium. Once the plants become established, you can allow the soil to dry between watering. After the first month, a water-soluble fertilizer can be added every other week. *Be sure to use the lower rate of fertilizer on the manufacturer’s directions.

    If you are interested in beginning your indoor herb garden, and need seeds, soil, lights, the perfect container, or have other questions, come in to St. Matthews Feed & Seed where we are always happy to assist you. The last months of winter can be the dreariest, but growing herbs indoors can add a bit of life and hope until we can dive back into our outdoor gardens!

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